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What is Renting to Own?

Renting to own, otherwise known as a lease option housing, affords you an alternative path to home ownership. Instead of making an outright purchase, a lease to own program allows you to build equity while renting. Once the rental period is complete, you’ll have the option to make a purchase with the equity you’ve accumulated.

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Is Renting to Own For Me?

Leasing to Own can be incredibly useful for some, but not necessarily for everyone. Making that choice primarily depends on your financial and lifestyle circumstances. We’ll be more than glad to help you make an educated decision.

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How Should I Plan?

Just like anything else, it’s essential to approach a Rent to Own program sensibly. One of the first steps is learning how to budget for the program. At HomeStarSearch, it’s our pleasure assisting you in everything you need to begin your path to home ownership.

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Paving Your Way To Becoming a Home Owner

HomeStarSearch is among the most respected online resources for rent to own housing opportunities in the United States. Utilizing our innovative search technology, HomeStarSearch enables you to search through a vast database of rent to own homes nationwide. To make the process most simple on your end, we have made things incredibly user friendly. Looking for a particular type of home? Wish to move to a specific part of a city? No problem. HomeStarSearch allows you to filter your search preferences in order to locate lease to own homes that most closely fit your personal specifications. It doesn’t end there: Our highly trained on-site staff of housing experts eagerly awaits each opportunity to serve you. We pride our organization on many components. Chief among those is to ensure the most positive experience in your search for rent to own homes. Not sure how lease to own housing works? Our experts are glad to take time to explain that to you as well. For starters, rent to buy housing is a unique path to home ownership that underscores the benefit of flexibility. RTO programs afford home renters the ability to place equity into the home they lease with an eventual option of outright purchase. Due to its flexible nature, rent to own housing programs have steadily increased in popularity. Whether you are already committed to this option – or simply wish to learn more, there is no better place to start than Home Star Search. On behalf of the entire team, we enthusiastically welcome you to our resource. It is our hope that with the use of this website, you will some day be able to proudly call yourself a homeowner. We are glad to provide all assistance in assisting your dream in materializing.