Homes in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

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If you’re looking for that small town feel and some Southern hospitality, look no further than Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Known as the “Hub City”, Hattiesburg was made famous for it’s lumber and railroad industries in the 1880s and now intersects six major US highways. Modern day Hattiesburg has notable universities and centers its economy on education, healthcare, and military industries. It is also known to offer affordable housing making it one of the top ideal places to look for a rent-to-own home.

Homes in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

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Hattiesburg has a rich history revealed in it’s historic Mobile Street, Hub City, North Main, and Oaks districts with structures and homes dating back to the 1880s. During the Civil Rights movement in the mid-20th century, the Hub City became a notable staging ground for demonstrations against segregation. The city also has one of few remaining historic Saenger movie theaters, which was renovated in 2000 with $3.75 million to accommodate new audiences and performances.

Housing. Today Hattiesburg boasts a high standard of living for its residents with many riverfront properties, good schools, and recreational centers. Housing generally is very low cost, and averages about about $100,000. The city was also rated as the 50th fastest growing MSA in the nation, and is fast at work to complete it’s Eagle One mega site project. 

Education. Education is one of the biggest draws for the city, and is home to the University of Southern Mississippi, William Carey University, Jones County Junior College, and Pearl River Community College. USM boasts over 90 degree avenues including a nationally recognized Polymer Science and Engineering program, and is one of the few universities in the United States to be accredited in all forms of the arts. WCU recently opened its School of Osteopathic Medicine in 2010 and has since attracted many prominent medical students from Mississippi and the surrounding areas.

Health Care. Another one of Hattiesburg’s staples is it’s health care system which has a higher doctor-to-patient ratio than the national average. Hattiesburg’s medical hub contains Forrest General Hospital, Wesley Medical Center, and Hattiesburg Clinic, making it the largest in south Mississippi. The medical industry in the Hub City generates over $400 million annually, employs over 8,200 workers, and accounts for roughly 12% of the local economy.

Economy. A big contributor to Hattiesburg’s economy are the many companies that produce products for the military, including BAE Systems, Deloitte, Emergent BioSolutions, JPM, and SciGenesis. Just outside the city is Camp Shelby, the nation’s largest National Guard depot for training thousands of military personnel before being deployed.

If you’re searching for a fast growing community with staples in it’s local economy and high marks for standard of living, make Hattiesburg your new home!