The 10 Most Interesting Repurposed-Structure Homes

The 10 Most Interesting Repurposed-Structure Homes


We all want our homes to be unique, but how far are you willing to go for bragging rights on “coolest place to live” among your friends and family? If you are looking to one-up your friends or end up the subject of some reality TV show, here are a few ideas to throw around:

Train Cars – Nothing says nostalgia of the 19th Century like living in a caboose


Bank Vaults – If you want home security, look no further than a humongous steel door


Churches – Bring a little holiness into your home with vaulted ceilings and awesome acoustics


Nuke Silo – Very private, plenty of space, and a little residual radiation for flavor


Shipping Containers – The closest you’ll ever get to building a Lego house


Water Tower – Now you can live like the Animaniacs from Warner Bros. Studios


Industrial Building – A favorite of artists and Bohemians, you’ll have plenty of space and concrete


Barn – Now you’ll have a cheeky comeback when someone asks “Were you born in a barn?”


Sewage/Storm Drain Piping – Not quite a Hobbit hole, and hopefully you don’t live on a hill


Bus – Live like a rockstar, but without the sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll


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