Begin Your Pet Friendly Housing Search

Often times, locating pet-friendly housing that is affordable can be quite a challenge. It is common for landlords to be restrictive as to the type of pets allowed to live in your unit (if any). The fear that pets may be destructive to their property propels them to implement such policies.

In a rent to own home ownership program, you have a far better chance finding a suitable home for your pet. Here’s why: Property owners understand that you will have a highly vested interest in the home you will be renting. After all, it’s quite likely that your rental agreement places a percentage of rental payments towards equity into the home.

That’s why property owners are far more likely to allow pets during the rental period. Your participation in a rent-to-own program instantly qualifies your personal interest in the property. It also pays to mention that conceding a lenient pet policy may be worthwhile for the property owner who ultimately seeks to sell the home outright.

Home Star Search Pet Assist Program

Home Star Search support is always glad to talk to you about pet friendly housing. That’s exactly what our Pet Assist Program is all about. Whether it’s to ask for some pointers – or inquire more about a particular home’s policy, our Pet Assist Program is available for your benefit. Feel free to call a representative and ask how the program can go to work for you – and your pet.